Harbor Freight Black Friday Ads 2019

Harbor Freight Black Friday Ads
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Doorbusters Deals, Sales, Discounts, Early Bird Specials for Tools

This is the Harbor Freight Black Friday Ad for 2019. Get Ready and Shop for the biggest savings at Harbor Freight for Black Friday. Get amazing savings on almost over 7000+ tools and accessories at amazing prices. Their Black Friday prices are just the best out of the year. Get some of these amazing deals for Harbor Freight Black Friday:

  • Predator 4000 Watt Gas Powered Generator for $299.99
  • 44″ x 22″ Double Bank Extra Deep Cabinets for $ $399.99
  • Franklin 17 Ft Type 1A Multi Task LAdder for $98.99
  • Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit with case for $29.99
  • Davy Duty 3 Ton Steel Floor jack for $79.99
  • and many other amazing hot deals.

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Camping bag? Check. Snacks? Check. Harbor Freight Black Friday Ad Sales paper? Check. Planning for Black Friday shopping has always been an adventure to me, reminiscent to childhood memories of family camping trips and over night sleepovers. I love finding deals. These items are perfect gifts for my dad to fix the basement at my parents’ home. The sale is on for 3 days, which gives me enough time to conveniently schedule a babysitter and fit a shopping trip in.

Considering this guy is partially responsible for why I am here today, he deserves a top notch 500 lb. capacity steel cargo carrier like this one. He has a bad back so this would help him pull items. The price is affordable at $39.99 making this a great buy. The 30″ 11 drawer roller cabinet also is a great buy. My mom would appreciate it since it would keep my dad’s hoarding ways at bay. The price is amazing. I feel like its too cheap considering this item is one that lasts for many years. The features such as 6 drawer chest, two middle drawers,and the fact that it rolls makes the item even more worth it.

Luckily the high quality 105 piece tool kit with four drawer chest compliments the 30″ 11 drawer roller cabinet I would also buy him. I would have to skip out on a week of Starbucks, but it would be worth it. Starbucks that lasts for the moment or my parents love that lasts a lifetime? I choose love; so the 105 piece tool kit is perfect. I wish I had the money to buy all the amazingly priced items for my dad. He would love it. I would feel great considering the low price for all the great brands.

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