Harbor Freight Coupons & Promo Codes

Harbor Freight Coupons & Promo Codes

Save 20% off any single item at Harbor Freight Stores.
Promo Code: 85748415
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Expires: 12/31/2016

Inside Track Club Coupons

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Expires: 10/31/2016

Get extra savings promotions to use at your local stores
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Expires: 10/31/2016

Print your monthly coupon for in-stores use.
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Expires: 10/31/2016

12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with laser guide plus other coupons
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Expires: 10/09/2016

Get the 8750 Peak 7000 Running Watts 13HP gas generator for $529.99 plus other coupons
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Expires: 10/30/2016

Harbor Freight Facebook deals for free item, 20% off, and other red tag coupons.
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Expires: Limited Time

Print out weekly coupons from the SmartSource ad for Harbor Freight. Just scroll through the weekly ad to get your coupon. Just depending on the week, sometimes they have coupons here.
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Harbor Freight Coupons Free Items Printable Coupon with any purchase (YMMV) (Note you can get the codes under the bar code and use those codes online too)

Free 2-7/8″ Magnetic Bit Holder with purchase Expires: 10/31/2016
Free 27 Led Portable Worklight / Flashlight with any purchase Expires: 10/31/2016
Free Split Leather Hardy Work Gloves with any purchase Expires: 10/31/2016
Free 8″ Cable Ties pack of 100 with any purchase Expires: 12/01/2016
Free 7 Function digital Multi-meter with any purchase Expires: 12/01/2016
Free Pittsburgh 2-7/8″ Magnetic Bit Holder Expires: 12/01/2016
Free Pittsburgh 1″ x 25Ft Tape Measure with any purchase Expires:12/07/2016
Free 27 Led Portable Worklight / Flashlight Expires: 12/07/2016
Free 6 Piece Screwdriver set with any purchase Expires: 12/07/2016
Free 18″ Magnetic Tool Holder Expires: 12/07/2016
Free 1/4 x 50Ft Poly Rope Expires: 12/07/2016
Free 4 in 1 Pittsburg screwdriver with any purchase Expires: 12/14/2016
Free Electric Fly Swatter Expires: 12/28/2016
Free 3-1/2″ Super Bright Nine Led Aluminum Flashlight Expires: 01/01/2017
Free Utility Knife Expires: 01/11/2017
Free 5Ft 6″ x 7 FT .6″ All purpose weather resistant tarp Expires: 01/11/2017
Free Headlamp with Swivel Lens with any purchase Expires: 01/11/2017
Free 4″ Ratcheting Bar Clamp / Spreader with any purchase Expires: 1/11/2017

Harbor Freight Clearance
Shop for the clearance items at Harbor Freight to get some cheap items.

Harbor Freights Flyer
View Harbor Freight Weekly Ads for hardware freight sales, specials, discounts, promotions, and savings. Check out their tool catalog for the best savings in store.

Harbor Freight Locations
Find a Harbor Freight Tools near you for Harbor Freight store hours, directions, and phone number.

(Note: Most of the Harbor Freight Promo Codes will not work on sale items, it will only work for regular price items )

Harbor Freight Promo Codes

Free Cen-Tech 7 Function Digital Multimeter $14.99 Value with any Purchase Coupon Code
Add Item #90899/98025/69096
Online Coupon Code: 43614061 Expires: 10/31/2016

Free 25 Ft x 1 in Tape Measure with any purchase Harbor Freight Promo Code
Add Item # 69080/ 69030 / 69031
Online Coupon Code: 60358654 Expires:11/15/2016

Free 6 Piece Screwdriver Set Harbor Freight with any purchase Promo Code
Add Item # 47770/ 61313 / 62570 / 62583
Online Coupon Code: 85734604 Expires:12/31/2016

Free 3 1/2 Super Bright 9 Led Aluminum Flashlight with any purchase Harbor Freight Promo Codes
Add Item 67227
Online Promo Code: 60922756 Expires: 01/01/2017

Free Multipurpose Scissors with any purchase Harbor Freight Promo Codes
Add Item 47877
Online Coupon Code: 14269857 Expires: 10/04/2016

70% off Clearance Items
Shop the clearance section of Harbor Freight to get huge saving and big discounts for up to 70% off original prices.

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